PeerBlock Picks Up Where PeerGuardian Left Off

September 30, 2009

Those of you who are downloading music and videos illegally (Bad! Naughty!) should know that nearly 100% of P2P activities are monitored by anti-filesharing organizations and government organizations who are perfectly happy reporting your activity to the authorities and getting you sued by the MAFIAA.

For a long time people have been using PeerGuardian 2, a program that uses blocklists that you choose to block your computer’s internet access with specific IP addresses. There are a few lists that are specifically made to keep your torrent client from talking to IP addresses of known P2P monitoring organizations and therefore keeping you out of trouble and out of jail. This way you can avoid anyone having solid evidence of your online activities being less-than-legal.

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Pirate Bay: Mostly Legal?

February 22, 2009

Turns out the the Pirate Bay website mostly contains torrents to legal non-copyrighted materials. In other words, roughly 80% of the torrents on the site are being used for things other than transmitting copyrighted content.

Drink up me harties! Yo ho!

Drink up me harties! Yo ho!

Hopefully this will throw a wrench in the works for the Swedish lawyers that are attacking the site. If they (the site owners) can show that their site is used for a lot more than distributing torrents for illegal downloads, they just might be able to convince a judge to let them keep operating.