New Google Technological Breakthrough

April 1, 2009

panda_128I’ve always said Google would rule the web someday, and now they’ve finally done it.

Introducing CADIE, the first self-aware AI program. Written entirely in INTERCAL, this program has already integrated itself into Gmail (it will write emails on your behalf), Google Docs (it will embelish, proofread, even fact-check for you), and Google Code (generating code in your preferred language to accomplish a specified task).

Google is so proud of their amazing accomplishment, they have even made the source code available for free download. Check it out, and enjoy the multitude of benefits we will see in all Google services thanks to CADIE.

Google Gears is Picking Up the Pace

March 4, 2009

logo_153x43Looks like Google is adding more services to its list of services that support Gears, making them useable offline. Reader was the first to show it off, then WordPress began taking advantage of it, recently Gmail got offline capabilities and today Calendar supports Gears as well.

Thanks Google, you are making web apps truly practical. I can’t wait for the day that all of our computing is done in some offline-capable web app, from email and appointments to photo editing.