How Awesome Is Free Stuff?

May 31, 2011

I do not like paying for things online. Being a professional Internet salesman, I should practice what I preach and buy things, but I hate it.

Maybe I’m like that in real life too. If I have the option of paying for something or getting something nearly as good for free, I’ll almost always choose the free version. Just looking around my desktop, I noticed that almost all the things I own are a bit crappy, and everything here has been obtained for almost nothing. No wonder I’m embarrassed to bring guests here!

Anyway, if I hate to buy things in the real world, imagine how much I hate buying things online. I have to look all over the Internet for the products I need and use anything I can find.

Of all the things I hate to pay for online, what I hate most is advertising. I mean really, why should I pay someone else to run my ad, if it is just as easy to trade mine for someone else’s and get traffic for free?

The only problem with this sort of trade is that I’m giving the main web page real estate to other advertisers; space where an AdSense ad could be is unfortunately filled with an ad I gave in a trade. In my eternal search for the cheapest things that serve my needs, I was recently searching for a better exchange ad program, one that does not require me to sell my most valuable advertising space.

I looked around and I finally found the perfect way to solve my problem. I came across a site called ExitPollAds, a free membership site that basically works like a regular ad exchange, but with one very important difference. ExitPollAds trades advertising space on an exit poll that my clients see only after leaving my site.

It is the perfect combination of something that can drive traffic to my site and something for free. I like it.

If only everything on the Internet was so simple. If you wish to participate in this ad exchange for free, just click this link. I’m telling you, free stuff is not always as good as this.

Join ExitPollAds

now FREE!

Free Advertising that Really Works

May 29, 2011

I know your ads

aren’t working.


How do I know this?

Because I’m betting that you’re probably getting a pathetically low click-through rate and an almost non-existent conversion rate out of those ads.

Let me explain.


The truth is, banner ads and link exchanges just don’t work anymore. People just ignore them completely.

Google and other major companies that get the bulk of their profits from advertising have tried to counteract this ‘banner blindness’ by making ads different sizes – which worked… for awhile.

You can be the best graphic designer or copywriter in the world – and it doesn’t make one bit of difference. Your ads still have a horrible conversion rate.

Want to know which kind of ads people don’t ignore?

Header Ads.


The header is the area at the very top of a web page. It usually includes the product name, maybe a photo of the creator and a graphic of a software box or book cover.

It’s also the very first thing people notice on a website, and the very first graphic to load.

Now what if you could take this same header area from someone else’s site and put YOUR ads on it?

Can you see just how much more targeted that would be? The site visitors can’t help but notice it – which means you get more click-thrus and more eager buyers coming to YOUR site!

See what I mean right now.


It’s like getting someone else to do all the marketing for you. All you do is sit back and watch as the customers pour in!

And best of all – if you go here right now – you’ll find out exactly how much this advertising costs:



But I should warn you. As soon as the big marketing pros hear about this – their servers are going to fill up fast. And once the space fills up, they might have to start charging.

Get in now, before it’s too late!


Mooch Report Special: How to make $50 or more DAILY using Neobux

May 13, 2011
make money online

Signup for Neobux FREE

This strategy guide will teach you how to make REAL money with Neobux, without paying them a thing.

If you don’t know what Neobux is, it’s a website that has paid out over $45 million over the past three years to its members, and all they have to do is view four 5-second ads every day. You spend more time viewing TV commercials and you don’t get paid to do that!

The only catch to this is that you won’t be making $50 a day right off the bat. You will be making a few cents when you first start. The name of the game is PATIENCE. Now, with this method, I won’t be investing any money to earn money. If you have money to invest, by all means, do it and you’ll see results faster than I did.

Okay, enough chat. Let’s begin!

First, you need to sign up to Neobux if you haven’t already. Use the link below to go sign up right now for free:

↓↓ Click here to sign up for Neobux FREE ↓↓

The key to making money on Neobux is through referrals. It’s simple: if you don’t have referrals, you won’t make money. The good news is, you can rent referrals directly from Neobux. The referrals are real people (not bots) and cost 20 cents a month each. Some will be active and some won’t. To “recycle” a non-active referral for an active one you have to pay 7 cents. It may seem like a lot, but it’s worth it. If you don’t recycle inactive referrals, you will lose money.

This 5-step plan is GUARANTEED TO WORK. You absolutely CANNOT avoid making money if you follow these steps!

Step 1: Earn enough on your own to rent referrals.

Start by clicking your ads every day. When you reach 60 cents by clicking on your own ads (if you don’t invest money) you are able to rent 3 referrals. Don’t rent any referrals yet! It takes a few days to earn the 60 cents on your own and people are so eager to rent referrals that they just rent them as soon as their account reaches 60 cents. When people do this, they don’t realize that they do not have enough money to maintain their rented referrals and their referrals eventually are taken away because they can’t pay for them.

Step 2: Convert your earnings so you can rent referrals.

Before you rent referrals, you should earn around $3 by clicking on your ads (or you can invest to start right away) and then transfer it to your rental balance. This way you have $1 per referral and you will easily be able to recycle them if they are not active or pay to keep them for one more month. It will take a while to get $3 on your own, but this way you will be able to keep your referrals and exchange the inactive ones for active ones without the fear that you will not be able to pay for them.

You can also use the new Neopoints to add money to your rental balance, but wait until you have a lot before converting them. The longer you wait to convert Neopoints, the more they are worth.

The fastest way to earn from your own ads is to install the Neobux toolbar, and enable the new advertisement alert sound in your Neobux settings. This will make a little noise whenever a new ad has been posted and allows you to get there and click it before it goes away. This helps you earn money faster and also builds your Neopoints.

Step 3: Rent your first referrals.

Once you have your $3 in your rental balance, rent your first 3 referrals. As soon as you do this, turn Autopay on (you will find this on the page where your referrals are listed). Referrals cost 20 cents a month to keep. Instead of you paying for the referral, they pay for themselves as long as you have Autopay turned on. What it does is subtract one of the advertisements your referral views each day and puts it towards the 20 cents which that referral needs to stick around for another month. You get one less penny from each referral, but they will be your referral as long as they are active.

I recommend recycling a referral who has been inactive more than 4 days. It will cost you less money to recycle them than it would cost to pay for a referral who is totally inactive. This will take a few recyclings to get good referrals, but you will end up with very active ones eventually who will make you a lot of money.

Click for a better view.

Remember, you need to keep clicking your own ads to make money from rented referrals. If you don’t click any of the orange ads today, you won’t get any credit for your referrals tomorrow. You need to click the four orange ads every single day. If you neglect your own ads, you are paying for referrals but you aren’t getting any benefit from them, which is a total waste of money. It’s absolutely imperative that you click your own ads every day. Click the image to the left to see an example of the orange ads you need to click. The larger ad on top is an example of a bonus ad that earns you 10 times the amount of a normal ad. These ads show up rarely, and the only real way to catch them is with the toolbar installed.

Step 4: Reinvest ALL your earnings into more referrals.

Cashing out too early is a huge problem for people that use Neobux. Don’t cash out right away! When you request a payment it is instantly transferred into your Alertpay/Paypal account. In order to see if Neobux is indeed legitimate (which it is), many people will earn a dollar by clicking and then cash it out. Woo-hoo. You now have a whole dollar in your Paypal account.

That dollar should have been put towards buying referrals. With this strategy you will be putting $3 into your rental balance before you buy 3 referrals, $1 per referral. I don’t recommend cashing out until you have over 1000 referrals.

Keep renting referrals 3 at a time (you can rent by higher increments later as your referrals make you more money) and continue until you have 500 referrals. This will take quite some time. This is where most people flake out. When you reach 500 referrals, stop buying referrals and just maintain the ones you already have. Keep doing this until the money builds up to about $100 and you can use $90 of it to pay for a Golden membership (you can also use 30,000 Neopoints, but this takes forever). $100 won’t take very long at all to get once you have 500 referrals and once you upgrade to Golden your earnings will double.

This is the great part. Golden costs $90 a year but instead of getting half a cent for every advertisement your referral views, you get 1 cent. Your earnings double. It’s that easy. Plus, instead of only having four orange ads to click every day, now you get nine! That means you’ll get credit for up to nine clicks for any referrals you have who are also Golden.

Step 5: Go Golden, and let the money POUR IN!

Keep renting new referrals after you upgrade to Golden and don’t cash out. So far, you haven’t cashed out at all, and you shouldn’t until you have over 1000 referrals. When you do reach this point and you begin to cash out, you will be able to cash out about $50 a day. You have arrived.

Also, get as many direct referrals as you can. They cost you nothing to maintain, and you make just as much money from them as you do from rented referrals. Use this to help you make a lot more money, even if your rented referrals are garbage and have to be recycled often.

That’s all there is to it! If you’ve read this far and still haven’t signed up, click here to go sign up right now for free:

↓↓ Click here to sign up for Neobux FREE ↓↓

Both of the Neobux banners on this page are linked to me, meaning if you click them and sign up for Neobux you will be my referral. This is all I ask for the free information I am providing. This guide wasn’t originally by me, but I have added a lot and updated it and made it look nice, so I would appreciate if you became my referral and make it worth my time and effort.

Enjoy Neobux! Happy clicking! Feel free to comment below!

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Begin Printing Money… Now.

April 7, 2011


So I’ve been gone for a long time, but I have good reason:

I’ve been developing a breakthrough new method to make money online… automatically.

I know what you’re thinking: you’ve heard it all before. Well I promise, you haven’t.

This is different from anything you’ve ever seen before. For starters, it’s free. Second, it doesn’t require any recruiting or referrals to make you money. And finally, there’s no daily work or maintenance required once it’s set up.

Setting up the system takes about 20 minutes of work a day for a month. After that, it’s all automatic and on autopilot.

I’ve put together a document that I call the Getting Started Guide that is available for download at the official Facebook page. Read it from front to back, and I’m convinced you’ll see the huge potential for making money online.

I’m so convinced, in fact, that I’m giving it all away…


That’s right, it’s 100% free, beginning to end. It will never ever cost you a single cent.

Check it out!

Apple’s Safari Browser has Major Security Flaw

October 25, 2010

I’m here to break the news that Apple’s latest version of their Safari web browser, on both Mac and PC, contains a major security flaw that allows an attacker to access your email, banking information, and more simply by gaining physical access of your computer.

That’s right: if you have Safari save your passwords for any websites, and then someone gets a hold of your unlocked computer, they can access those websites and do whatever they want! Transfer PayPal funds? Done. Make some expensive eBay purchases? Done. Copy down all your financial data for later? Double done!

That isn’t even the scary part! What’s the scary part, you ask? Not only does Apple’s Safari contain this giant hole… so does every other web browser available anywhere! Mozilla Firefox, Opera, even that most-stable and super user-friendly Internet Explorer! Every last one of them will allow someone else to log into your personal accounts if you just blithely hand them your computer, shout “have fun!” and walk away.

Remember kiddies: lock your damn computers when you aren’t using them. Then these so-called “security holes” (which are actually ease-of-use features) simply go away.

Note: This whole thing is a joke referencing the “security hole” that people are getting all upset about in the FaceTime for Mac beta.

Google, You Win.

September 8, 2010

If you are in the US, UK, France, Germany, Italy, Spain or Russia and you use one of the following browsers: Chrome v5/6, Firefox v3, Safari v5 for Mac or Internet Explorer v8, you should go type something in Google right now. I KNOW! It’s AWESOME! Google figures it cuts searching time by 2-5 seconds, which adds up to hours if you use the internet as much as I do. I figure it adds 25% more nerdgasm into my day.

But seriously, this is really cool. And it’s unbelievable that computing power has leapt forward so much that this is even possible. I can’t even think of how you might do this at a local system, searching a local database, but the guys (and girls) at Google figured out how to do it over the web! Along with the addition of the “live feed” feature (which shows twitter and news posts that match your search term and adds them into your results page in real-time), Google is making me want to marry them so that even if they go away someday, I still get half their stuff.

New iPod Touch Details

August 30, 2010

Apple is poised to make an announcement Wednesday regarding one or more new products. I thought this would be the right time to tell you what I know about the new iPod Touch.

Colored text indicates edits made after the announcement.

The new iPod Touch will be comparable in size and shape to the iPhone 4, but slightly thinner and with some coloration differences to visually differentiate the two. It is also lighter since it does not need the telephone components.


It comes in various sizes, but more importantly it will be available with or without 3G access. Versions with 3G will also have GPS capabilities.

WRONG! No 3G or GPS version is available.

The A4 processor, the same design used in the iPad and iPhone 4, will be used in order to bolster computing power and lower power requirements. This, coupled with a larger battery, will give the device incredible battery life.

CORRECT! The new iPod Touch boasts of 7 hours of video playback.

A compass and a gyroscope will be in all versions, regardless of whether it is a 3G version or not.

CORRECT! and WRONG! Compasses are not included, but a gyroscope is.

With this iteration of the iPod Touch, Apple finally is adding a camera to the device, a 5 MP sensor capable of 720p video capture as well as still photos. The iMovie app for iPhone will be compatible as well. There will not be a forward facing camera, and FaceTime calls will not be possible using the iPod Touch.

CORRECT! and WRONG! 720p video capture is possible with the 5 MP camera, but a forward-facing camera and FaceTime are included.

The screen incorporates the Retina Display of the iPhone 4.


Can’t wait!

iLife ’10 Feature Suggestions

June 27, 2010

So it’s time for Apple to update iLife. Here’s some random ideas I have for them. Apple, feel free to pay (or at least credit) me for these.

iMovie ’10

Background removal (“green screen effect”) needs to be a simple video effect, easily applied.

Audio ducking needs to apply to individual audio tracks instead of just all of them. Ducking on each track should be individually applied.

The ability to use transitions from any theme, not just the one that is currently applied. Maybe I want to have a comic book transition followed by a filmstrip one.

Superimposing transparent graphics onto a video clip, including moving them around. For example, superimposing a face onto an actor in a clip.

iDVD ’10

Make it easier to add chapters to movies. Instead of auto-adding chapter markers after so many minutes, allow the user to choose the number of chapters, or even manually add them wherever they want.

Support for dual-layer DVDs needs to be improved so the full 9.4 GB can be used instead of only 7.7 GB.

More themes, and more customizability of themes needs to be added. Intros and outros for the menus need to be able to animate between each other (for example, going from Revolution Menu to Revolution Chapters should animate smoothly, not just fade through black.

iWeb ’10

The whole program needs to be changed into a blogging app that can interface with Blogger, WordPress, etc. Very few people have “personal websites” that aren’t blogs. And those that do can still make pages in WordPress and accomplish the same thing.

Alignment and spacing tools make no sense. Fix this.

iPhoto ’10

Add the ability to resize a photo without cropping it.

Support for transparency and removing backgrounds would be cool. Maybe something like the magic wand/smart select in Photoshop.

Add the ability to draw different shapes, graphics, text, lines, etc. onto photos.

I didn’t even get into GarageBand. Got anything to add? Post it below!

Why Laser Sights are Overrated

June 10, 2010

When I tell people about my new AR-15 that I bought (a Smith & Wesson M&P15OR with EOTECH night-vision-ready holographic red dot sight, quad-rail w/ covers, vertical fore-grip, and SureFire M951 with momentary switch and infrared filter), the first question I’m asked is invariably the same: did you get a laser sight? The second question is just as consistent: why not? After mentally compiling the list of reasons why I prefer a red dot sight instead, I’ve decided to write them up here.

1. A laser only works in the dark.
True, you can use it in daylight, but it becomes nearly impossible to see. Red dot sights work no matter what the lighting situation.

2. A laser gives away your position.
At the least, a laser lets your enemy know you are on to them. At the worst, it tells them exactly where you are. A red dot sight is only visible to the person holding the weapon.

3. A laser is inaccurate.
Because of the offset between the laser and the barrel of the gun, a laser sight can only be accurate at one distance. And since a bullet falls as it flies, it becomes more inaccurate the farther your target is. A red dot sight has the same problem, but if you zero it at 25 meters, it’s also zeroed at 300 meters (on an AR-15). Since lasers mount below the barrel or to the side, their beam only crosses the path of the bullet once.

4. A laser won’t be visible if the target is too far away.
A laser beam never expands (kinda the point), so what is 1/16 of an inch across up close is still only 1/16 of an inch a mile away. A red dot sight is always the same size, regardless of the target distance.

5. Lasers don’t actually have a visible beam.
Those of us who know guns already know this, but most people still have a misconception (taken mostly from Hollywood) that laser sights have a visible beam that originates on the weapon and terminates on the target. This is actually why most people think they are so useful. The truth is the only thing a laser sight does is paint a red spot on your target (unless you have some serious dust or smoke going on).

New iPhone Crucifies Android

June 7, 2010

External bluetooth keyboard support? iMovie on the iPhone? The clearest screen… ever? A bigger battery and a faster chip? What’s not to love? To celebrate, I’ve created this short spot to highlight how Android phones are pretty much done.