New iPod Touch Details

August 30, 2010

Apple is poised to make an announcement Wednesday regarding one or more new products. I thought this would be the right time to tell you what I know about the new iPod Touch.

Colored text indicates edits made after the announcement.

The new iPod Touch will be comparable in size and shape to the iPhone 4, but slightly thinner and with some coloration differences to visually differentiate the two. It is also lighter since it does not need the telephone components.


It comes in various sizes, but more importantly it will be available with or without 3G access. Versions with 3G will also have GPS capabilities.

WRONG! No 3G or GPS version is available.

The A4 processor, the same design used in the iPad and iPhone 4, will be used in order to bolster computing power and lower power requirements. This, coupled with a larger battery, will give the device incredible battery life.

CORRECT! The new iPod Touch boasts of 7 hours of video playback.

A compass and a gyroscope will be in all versions, regardless of whether it is a 3G version or not.

CORRECT! and WRONG! Compasses are not included, but a gyroscope is.

With this iteration of the iPod Touch, Apple finally is adding a camera to the device, a 5 MP sensor capable of 720p video capture as well as still photos. The iMovie app for iPhone will be compatible as well. There will not be a forward facing camera, and FaceTime calls will not be possible using the iPod Touch.

CORRECT! and WRONG! 720p video capture is possible with the 5 MP camera, but a forward-facing camera and FaceTime are included.

The screen incorporates the Retina Display of the iPhone 4.


Can’t wait!

New iPhone Crucifies Android

June 7, 2010

External bluetooth keyboard support? iMovie on the iPhone? The clearest screen… ever? A bigger battery and a faster chip? What’s not to love? To celebrate, I’ve created this short spot to highlight how Android phones are pretty much done.

3 iPhone Apps I Want to See

December 27, 2009

So far I have loved my iPod Touch to death. That said, there are some apps I’ve looked for that simply weren’t there, and this post is a call-out to some of my favorite websites and online services that I think need to have their own official iPhone apps.

Meebo1. Meebo

This site is a great way to run all your IM accounts in a single browser window without needing to install anything on our computer. The simplicity of their design and their ability to constantly add new features and support for more protocols means they need to develop an iPhone app that’s just as easy and versatile.

Mibbit2. Mibbit

Much like Meebo, this site makes it so you don’t need to install anything on your computer, only this site is for IRC instead of IM protocols. It’s quick and easy to get going, and I think they could design a very nice iPhone app for IRC chatting.

uTorrent3. uTorrent

There is already a very nice iPhone interface available for uTorrent, but as often as it is updated it still is lacking in a lot of ways. It could seriously benefit from a real dev team instead of one poor guy trying to do everything himself. Plus, it would be nice to have an actual app instead of just a web interface.

Verizon iPhone?

February 23, 2009

Looks like Apple might be working on a deal with Verizon. If this is the case, I may very well be able to get one.


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There’s an App For That! Well, There Was…

February 19, 2009

Countless iPhone apps have been removed from the App Store by Apple, many for unknown reasons. From apps that were just dumb (IAmRich) to potantially offensive apps (South Park player) to genuinely useful apps (Box Office), it seems nearly impossible to predict what Apple may or may not deem to be acceptable when it comes to third-party applications.

The South Park application has been turned away from the app store twice so far, for unknown reasons.

The South Park application has been turned away from the app store twice so far, for unknown reasons.

What if the same agreement that allows Apple to dump apps from the iPhone app store was used by Apple’s competitors, like Microsoft? Can you imagine buying some software, installing it on your PC, and then one day it is just… gone? No explanation, no refund, just gone. There would be absolute uproar. So why isn’t this the case with the iPhone?

Now I can understand why Apple would want to enforce strict policies on the content available for the iPhone. After all, this is a company that has made its fortune by purposely not relying on third parties to develop for its products. Practically every add-on (that is widely used) to any Apple product was, in fact, made by Apple. Rather than letting (and encouraging) any company to develop content the way that Microsoft has, Apple prefers to have maximum control so as to guarantee compatibility and stability.

The problem is: Apple is removing applications based on seemingly arbitrary and nonsensical policies that are impossible to figure out or predict. You literally cannot find out what is or isn’t acceptable, even if you are an app developer.

So where does Apple draw the line? Will the iPhone start to block websites with adult content? What about blocking music with explicit content? What about videos or pictures containing nudity? At what point does Apple say, “This is up to the user, let’s leave it alone”?

If I had an iPhone, I would like to have that Box Office app. I’d also like the South Park app. Why should Apple decide that South Park is not appropriate for me? That is a decision I should be making, and by downloading an app, I am making that decision. Besides, Apple has some pretty obvious double-standards when it comes to what is offensive. There are anywhere between 75 and 100 apps in the app store that simulate farts, for example.

South Park isn't acceptable, but a program that simulates farting is? No understandey...

South Park isn't acceptable, but a program that simulates farting is? No understandey...

This is nothing less than censorship, and it should be recognized as such. Want to install whatever app you want, without the all-powerful Apple telling you what to do? There’s an app for that! Actually, Apple just removed it. Sorry.