Mooch Report Disclaimer

The Mooch Report is one of the funnest things I do on this blog, and I love to write it. There is tons of free stuff available out there if you just spend 10 seconds googling. That said, there are some things you should know before using the Mooch Report:

1. The Mooch Report does not remain valid forever.

Often the information on the Mooch Report is only valid for a few months, a few weeks, sometimes even a few days. If the Mooch Report you are looking at is older than a few weeks, double-check before purchasing any “free after rebate” offers to make sure the promotion is still valid.

2. Sometimes, the Mooch Report is wrong.

I hate to admit it, but sometimes I make mistakes. If I state in the Mooch Report that something is being given away free (or almost free), but the business denies any such sale or promotion, they are right, and I have made a mistake. They do not pay me to put them in the Mooch Report, and any mistakes therein are not to be construed as bait-and-switch marketing. I simply did not do my research well that day and screwed up.

3. The Mooch Report should never contain illegal materials on it.

I try very hard to avoid links to pirated or cracked software. This is not a mistake, this is very deliberate. As an independent software developer, I do not condone the illegal downloading and sharing of commercial software. This includes “leaked” betas of unreleased software, last year’s security software, etc. If it is illegal for you to download it, I am not going to post it in the Mooch Report.

4. It’s up to you to tell me if I make a mistake.

Let me know if I mess up, and I’ll take care of it. See the contact page to get in touch with me.

Mooch Report Format

I have finally settled on an acceptable format for the Mooch Report, detailed here:

  • Totally Free – No rebates, no shipping, no nothing. Usually these are downloads, like free software.
  • Free After Rebate – Pay money up front and get reimbursed in 6-8 weeks. Shipping charges may apply.
  • Almost Free – Possible rebates and shipping, but the cost of the item after rebate and before any shipping is less than $1.
  • Good Deals – Possible rebates and shipping, but the cost of the item after rebate and before any shipping is less than $10.

(Not every Mooch Report will contain all of these portions.)

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