PeerBlock Picks Up Where PeerGuardian Left Off

Those of you who are downloading music and videos illegally (Bad! Naughty!) should know that nearly 100% of P2P activities are monitored by anti-filesharing organizations and government organizations who are perfectly happy reporting your activity to the authorities and getting you sued by the MAFIAA.

For a long time people have been using PeerGuardian 2, a program that uses blocklists that you choose to block your computer’s internet access with specific IP addresses. There are a few lists that are specifically made to keep your torrent client from talking to IP addresses of known P2P monitoring organizations and therefore keeping you out of trouble and out of jail. This way you can avoid anyone having solid evidence of your online activities being less-than-legal.

Unfortunately, PG2 has had some major problems, particularly with the Vista beta release, and the program is no longer developed or maintained. The good news is that it’s open source, so a bunch of users decided to revamp it and re-release it as a program that actually works on Vista and has a slew of new features as well. It’s called PeerBlock.

I’ve been using PG2 for about a month now and just switched over to PeerBlock 1.0, which was released only days ago. Already I have a noticeable difference in performance, and it also has fewer bugs and more options as well. While I’m not using it on Vista (my torrent machine is still running XP), I am not seeing much of a stability difference in that regard, but I can tell that it works faster and definitely is more customizable.

Even if you aren’t using P2P software, it’s still a good idea to use PeerBlock, as you can use it to filter adservers (including banner ads), hackers, hijacked websites, and more simply by selecting the right blocklists (which are freely available at lots of websites).

A couple of features I would like to see:

  1. A help file (already in progress) still needs to be made to make it easier for newbies to get up and running. The program itself is very easy to use, so this isn’t a big deal, but it would be nice.
  2. I’d like to have the ability to not only see what IP address is being accessed, but also which process on my computer is trying to access it, and control blocking/allowing accordingly. For example, I don’t want Microsoft watching my uTorrent use, but I would like to be able to update Windows (the HTTP blocker is optional, which helps address this problem).
  3. Permanently opening or closing specific ports would be a nice option. Not required, but nice.
  4. I’d like to be able to have the program more than once a day. Once an hour would be really cool. Maybe just do one of these things:

Update every:  | 1 |  | hours | v |

(The left thing is a number in a text box, the right one is a drop list with “minutes”, “hours”, “days”, “weeks”, etc.)

Overall, it’s a great program, and I recommend installing it right now or suffer the dire consequences muhahahaha!


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