MEGAPOST 5000!!!11

March 1, 2009

Alright, I am tired today so I am posting a bunch of crap all at once. Mooch Report will be coming up right after this.

ThinkGeek has a sweet little system that lets you play NES and SNES games for only $50. As you can imagine they are totally sold out, so the soonest you can get it using backorder would me on the 9th. You can even plug in your old controllers, although it comes with two controllers for futuristic multiplayer action!

Retro d00d!

Retro d00d!

Also, ThinkGeek just put their Personal Area Network T-Shirt on sale for $20. Basically it lets you wire your mp3 player, cell phone, or other digitalia into a t-shirt for epic cord management. It even makes you look buff while wearing it, and hides the wires while simultaneously keeping them off your skin.


There's even a mini version for your dog! Just kidding. But you can control devices through the fabric.

In other news, I broke 2000 gamerpoints on my 360 the other day. I know, I know, that’s nothing. You uberfied gamers (aka “people with no lives who live in their mother’s basement”) have 10 times that. I get laid, so I win.

Preemptive Strike: I am about to get 500 comments from Xbox 360 point-whores claiming to have lives, but still having more points than me. To them I say: screw you and screw your mother too.

P.S. If you want to track my gamerscore or see what my 360 is up to, you can do that using the little feed ticker on the bottom of my sidebar. Clicking on my gamercard will show you my progress in any game I’ve played, and the feedticker actually goes to a blog that my 360 writes. He really gets in my head sometimes, it’s weird.