iLife ’10 Feature Suggestions

So it’s time for Apple to update iLife. Here’s some random ideas I have for them. Apple, feel free to pay (or at least credit) me for these.

iMovie ’10

Background removal (“green screen effect”) needs to be a simple video effect, easily applied.

Audio ducking needs to apply to individual audio tracks instead of just all of them. Ducking on each track should be individually applied.

The ability to use transitions from any theme, not just the one that is currently applied. Maybe I want to have a comic book transition followed by a filmstrip one.

Superimposing transparent graphics onto a video clip, including moving them around. For example, superimposing a face onto an actor in a clip.

iDVD ’10

Make it easier to add chapters to movies. Instead of auto-adding chapter markers after so many minutes, allow the user to choose the number of chapters, or even manually add them wherever they want.

Support for dual-layer DVDs needs to be improved so the full 9.4 GB can be used instead of only 7.7 GB.

More themes, and more customizability of themes needs to be added. Intros and outros for the menus need to be able to animate between each other (for example, going from Revolution Menu to Revolution Chapters should animate smoothly, not just fade through black.

iWeb ’10

The whole program needs to be changed into a blogging app that can interface with Blogger, WordPress, etc. Very few people have “personal websites” that aren’t blogs. And those that do can still make pages in WordPress and accomplish the same thing.

Alignment and spacing tools make no sense. Fix this.

iPhoto ’10

Add the ability to resize a photo without cropping it.

Support for transparency and removing backgrounds would be cool. Maybe something like the magic wand/smart select in Photoshop.

Add the ability to draw different shapes, graphics, text, lines, etc. onto photos.

I didn’t even get into GarageBand. Got anything to add? Post it below!

6 Responses to iLife ’10 Feature Suggestions

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    […] iLife '10 Feature Suggestions « It's a Nerd's World […]

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  6. Katie says:

    Iphoto needs a lot more capabilities number one for me would be being able to add text. I need to “watermark” my cake photos. Also I disagree about Iweb fine if the want to add a template for blogger/word press. But I have my biz site built via Iweb I would like to see I web be easier for search engines to crawl and the code write better title/tag/and keyword data. I would also like to see the removal of the second site name from the web address i.e. that second katiebelles in there causes some issues with google analytics.

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