Google and Mozilla: Unfair, Unfair!

Apparently Google (along with Mozilla, the folks behind the enormously popular Firefox browser) thinks that Microsoft is being unfair by packaging Internet Explorer with Windows. so much so that they are joining a European antitrust lawsuit against Microsoft.

google-logoNow wait a minute: doesn’t Google “package” its other services within each other? For example, if I do a Google search on “porsche picture,” the very first result is some sample results from Google Image Search. Is this fair? Of course it is. If you wanted a Yahoo! Image Search result, you could have used Yahoo! search in the first place.

So why is it unfair to include Internet Explorer in Windows? Let’s be smart about this. If Internet Explorer wasn’t included, how the hell would people get online to download other browsers? As much as I hate IE, it simply isn’t feasible to ship an OS without a browser. Besides, nothing in Windows prohibits (or even inhibits) the user from using another browser.

Honestly, if anybody should be sued for antitrust, it should be Apple.

2 Responses to Google and Mozilla: Unfair, Unfair!

  1. Alpha_Cluster says:

    I don’t know if really Apple really should be getting sued for antitrust for that you really need to be over 10% 😉 But as for the EU suit its really stupid that this whole started because Opera could not market their browser so they tried to deal with it in court. The other problem is the fact that Microsoft in no way has a monopoly in the browser market anymore. Your analogies though I get what your point is are a bit different as your comparing web apps to a app that runs natively on the a computer so its kinda like comparing apples and oranges (no pun intended).

    • paracidic says:

      About Apple, that’s true. It just seems as though they keep removing some apps but keeping their competitors, almost like they have a vested interest in some apps succeeding.

      I agree about Opera as well. If you want people to use your product, you don’t eliminate your competition, you improve your product.

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